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I was thrilled to receive my new CycloneCup from yesterday. I have been using a blender bottle for the past year and was excited to hear about a new technology from a competitor. I have been hearing nothing but great things (and was happy to hear it comes in pink)! Anyway I immediately tried it out this morning with my pre-workout shake and this is what I found.


As I mentioned it comes in pink which I love! It does also come in other colors similar to blender’s shown below.


The CycloneCup is more vibrant in color then the blender bottle however. It also has a more sleek design. The bottle is tinted rather than clear which I find to be more attractive in contrast to the vibrant pink color (only pink  matters fellas). Also the light grey logo matches the lid on the cup. It’s very aesthetically pleasing.  I do like the look of the blender bottle also.  However in comparison the CycloneCup is more fashionable!!


The chart below shows that the features of each cup are similar. However,  the Cyclone Cup has a unique storage area on the bottom of the cup for powder product on the go Also, the blender bottle holds 28 oz versus the CyclonCup’s 16oz.

Cyclone Cup Blender Bottle
Container Size 16oz 28oz
BPA Free Yes Yes
Snap Lid Yes Yes
Blends Well Yes Yes
Store and Go Yes No


The CycloneCup uses a stationary technology versus blender’s free mixing agent.  Meaning the blender has a metal mixer that moves around the inside of the bottle while you shake it.  The blender bottle really makes a lot of noise when you do this. However the CycloneCup is pretty silent.  It also seems to mix the powder and water more thoroughly (No Clumps!!).


The two seem close in price. The 28oz blender is selling for $12.99 and the CycloneCup is selling for $14.99. I am sure this varies depending on where you buy it.


The CycloneCup Mixes Better, it’s more fashionable and you can store your supplements and make your shake later. I would highly recommend buying one if you haven’t already!! I suggest Pink:-)

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  1. tridentcompetitions says:

    We are about to do a review on the Cyclone Cup as well! It was nice to see your view of it, and how you enjoyed it. I think it’s totally worth the few extra bucks!

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