We Tried It: A Organic Body Moisturizing Treatment

body-butterCrème Brule to aid your dry skin!

I am a huge fan of Body Butter, especially in winter. My preferred body butter is a “Non-Sticky”, “Non-Greasy” moisturizer which could make my Super DRY skin soft as winters is here. I am also a huge fan of all natural products. So, I decided to give Ella Concoctions Body Butter a try.

What I liked about the product:

-It has lived up to my expectations. I have tested and tried couple of body lotions but they disappear after 3-4 hours and have to be reapplied. It’s very moisturizing and keeps skin hydrated all day long.

-It gets absorbed in the skin in seconds & no greasy feeling after application. It works wonders for my super dry cracking skin and makes it supple.

It smells great!!! The crème Brule fragrance lingers on almost all day.

-It is 100% organic.

-It’s reasonably priced at $40 for a 16oz jar.

What I disliked:

It comes in a jar so when you stick your fingers in order to take out the products, it gets into your nails. LOL. This is probably not a problem if you have short nails.

Will I Re-Purchase It?

YESSSSSSSSSSS …. I will give it 4/5 …. This product is awesome for super dry skin!

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