Adocare Distributor

Advocare Distributor

The information on this page will show you how to become a successful AdvoCare distributor using the internet in addition to offline methods.

Hi, I’m April King – AdvoCare Advisor.

I love this company because the products are so awesome. In fact most people sign up as a distributor just to get the discount! That is so contrary to other MLM’s. I Just finished my morning Mango Strawberry Spark. Nom Nom My Favorite But I’m not here to talk supplements. I’m here to talk money.

One way to earn income with AdvoCare’s is by using their marketing blueprint.

It’s your typical MLM advice. Make a list of everyone you know, throw mixers, do 3-way calls, and so on.

And ya know what? It works. It builds champions. My good friend, who I signed up under, is proof. He follows the entire system to the letter and gets results. But making a living off selling to friends and family isn’t for everyone. So for me, the internet makes the most sense. It’s faster, more powerful, and allows me to market to complete strangers who wanna buy because they wanna buy — not because they know me and feel pressured into it.

Take this page, for example. How’d you land here? By going to Google and doing a search? And in doing so, you raised your hand and told me you were interested in making money selling AdvoCare, as an independent rep. We’ve never met. I didn’t have to chase you around or twist your arm. You came to me.

And you’re much further along in the buying process than if I’d just pitched you, totally out of the blue, when I ran into you at the local Starbucks. See what I’m saying? So, how do you get started? First, you gotta find a sponsor – to join under. That’s me!

That’s what I do. I write simple little blog posts, like this, and get ‘em ranked in Google. Potential buyers, like you, do searches, find my content and join. Or buy products. Or both. Depending on what I write about. I share all of this with you because I want to earn your business. I want you on my AdvoCare team. So what do you say? Ready to partner with a winner? If so, here’s how…

Become A Distributor

Becoming an AdvoCare distributor is a simple process.

First, click my partner link here. On the following page, peep what you’ll get, and at the bottom click:


… which brings you to yet another unnecessary page, where you’ll clickity-click once again: click-here-step3-distributorship And finally, verify you wanna lock arms with me: best-sponsor-for-advocare … tick the box, fill out all requested info, and you’re good to go.

Your distributor kit, which costs $79 by the way, will be sent out immediately. Expect it on your doorstep in about two business days. On top of $50 worth of AdvoCare product samples, this kit will walk you through the AdvoCare business opportunity and explain everything it has to offer. From the start, you’ll receive 20% off all products.

But this savings could reach as much as 40% if you do enough volume. This is how the AdvoCare distributorship levels are categorized — by sales volume. Once you hit the 40% level, like me, that’s when things really get fun. Business builders (or Advisors), as we’re called, benefit from earning income five unique ways:

From your retail profits
From your wholesale commissions
From overrides your team pass-up
From leadership bonuses
From incentives, trips and pay-period bonuses
Are you starting to see how reeling-in other serious business-builders online could really blow this thing up fast?

That’s what I’m saying.

Anyways, while your kit is en route, you’ll be able to instantly login to your new AdvoCare mini-site, where you can shop for less and begin building your own downline. Yep, in about 5-minutes, you’re in business with one of the strongest brands in all of health and wellness. And, assuming you signed up with me… After I see your name come through my site, I’ll email you with a action plan. We’ll get your blog setup and have you blogging your way to big profits within the same day.

How cool is that? Pretty friggin’ cool, huh? I’m excited to work with you. Here’s to getting fit and financially free with AdvoCare.

Independent AdvoCare Distributor,

April King

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