37 Weeks Pregnant Update

photo  Baby Matilyn is just about 37 weeks and is the size of a winter melon! Pretty sure I have never eaten one of those but it sounds interesting:-)

Here is what Matilyn has been up to this past week:

                • Measures about 20 inches
                • Weighs about 6 pounds
                • Gaining a 1/2 ounce each day

Here is whats been happening with me this past week.

                • Maternity Clothes – I have a two pairs of maternity pants and one dress.  Otherwise I am wearing my workout gear and dresses that stretch.
                • Weight Gain – I have gained 30 pounds so far OMG!
                • Stretch Marks – None so far.  Just a few spider veins.
                • Symptoms – My right hand keeps going numb which I am told is due to all of the extra blood. Can’t wait for that to go away.
                • Sleep – I use my body pillow by boppy and I sleep all night n problems.
                • Food Cravings – Fruit! I can not get enough fruit!!
                • Belly Button – Still in!
                • Workouts – I am still doing 2 to 3 TRX workouts a week.
                • Movement – All the time.  It looks like a alien is trying to escape:-)
                • Mood – Happy.
                • New Baby Items – This week some of our clients gave me onesies and bath gear.  Super cute! I also bought a mattress pad and risers for the arms reach co-sleeper.

Only a few weeks left!!

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