In the gym again. My first day lifting post baby.

This morning I was able to lift after nearly a year off. OMG.  I feel so weak, but it was still awesome. Ooh and I got to wear my new Saucony running shoes.

image (15)

image (16)

Here is this morning’s routine: Shoulders/ Arms 2 sets x 12, 1 sets x 10, 1 set x 8


  • Arnold Shoulder Press, Preacher curls
  • Straight bar front raise, Weighted Dips on bench-
  •  Upright Rows, Alternating dumbbell curls-
  • Lateral Raise, Tricep rope extensionAbs:
  • 3 sets x 1 min planks, side planks,Cardio: 30 min treadmill


This mornings lift was challenging and I had to go light on the weights, but I finished feeling super energized! Immediately after I drank my post workout protein shake. Yumm chocolate muscle gain and banana. Luckily I was able to make it home from the gym just in time to feed my munchkin! After she finished I ate meal 2 of 6. Chicken and brown rice.

choc-muscle-gainsauteed.chicken.1image (17)

Now that my first lift is complete, I am super excited to start training for my next Bikini competition. So, I am giving myself 12 weeks to prep for the Excalibur in December. I am very excited to go back to clean eating, starting my breastfeeding safe Advocare Products and lifting on a daily basis! You can follow my journey through this blog!


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