Week 5 Competition Prep (10 Weeks Postpartum)

So week five is complete. I continue to make progress each week. See highlights from this week below!

I am getting plenty of sleep thanks to the baby’s new Magic Sleep Suit!! So, I have plenty of energy.  I still drink my Spark pre-workout however since my lifting plan has gotten more challenging!

I am lifting 5 days a week.  Honestly sometimes for more than an hour at this point.  Adding drop sets has increased the time it takes me to finish. It also makes the workout BRUTAL. As for cardio I am doing two HIIT workouts (20 minutes each) and two steady state sessions for 40 minutes.

I am doing pretty well now.  I feel like my soreness is normal. Not like in the beginning where I couldn’t walk down the stairs:-)


I am still taking the following products which are breastfeeding safe and seem to be really helping with the weight-loss, energy and soreness.

-OmegaPlex (Omega 3’s)
-Catalyst (Amino Acids)
-Coreplex (Multi Vitamin)
-Spark (B-12 Energy Drink)

Interested in Breastfeeding safe supplements? Checkout my 24 Day Challenge Breastfeeding bundle.


I attribute my good milk supply to slowly losing weight (about 2 pounds a week) and feeding regularly. SO, far this has worked really well for me.

This week I lost another 2 pounds (ONLY 3 MORE POUNDS OF FAT TO GO for PRE-BABY Weight).  Thats a total of 34 pounds lost!! Once I reach my stage weight goal (150) I will share my progress photos from beginning to end!! Watch out for future posts! Only 7 weeks of prep left:-)

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