Home Workout #4: 15 Minute HIIT

HIIT It In 15 Minutes

Do it NOW! This is a total body circuit. It’s 15 minutes long and consists a total body workout.

Remember: You don’t need long workouts or fancy equipment to get a killer body. Less is more!


Equipment Required:

  • Chair or Bench
  • Pilates Ball
  • Shock-absorbing flooring, preferably.
  • I like to drink BCAAs to help protect muscle while doing a fasted workout.
  • I also like to wear a heart rate monitor to record the zone my heart rate is in and the calories I am burning.

Video Workout

Make sure to give each exercise all of your effort; otherwise, you are not going to benefit from metabolism-boosting effects of HIIT. For the best fat burning result do this workout prior to eating and wait at least 2 hours post workout before eating.  Don’t forget your heart rate monitor so you can see what you are burning!

This circuit consists of 5 exercises. Set your timers for 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Repeat a second round on your own! If you are feeling fully of energy go for a third!

  1. Side Lunges
  2. Butt Kicks
  3. Decline Push-ups
  4. Ball Pass
  5. Walkouts

Alright, let gets started! Just click on the video below.


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