Bikini Contests on a Budget

There are so many items to purchase when you are competing, it gets pretty expensive! The bikini division in particular is about your overall look. So, items like your bikini, heels, jewelry, etc are very important. So here are the items I have found that are money savers!

Rent Your Bikini – CJ suits cost thousands of dollars but she rents them starting at $80 and up depending on the suit. I have rented a suit from her and it was beautiful!!

Buy Your Jewelry, Heels & Extensions on Amazon:

I am wearing all of the items above in my competition photo below. This includes the suit. It is rented from CJ!


I hope you found this list helpful!

Need Help with  your Posing?? Let me help you with posing sessions. I will virtually coach you to make sure you are ready for your big show! If you have any other questions about your first show, contact me!


We Tried It: Quickie Oil

quickie-women2I normally have very dry skin.  However in winter it’s even worse. So, I continually re-apply lotion.  I have found that the Ella Concoctions Body Butter works great to resolve this. Although it does take a few minutes to apply the butter to my whole body. So, when I saw the Quickie Oil I had to give it a try.

What I liked about the product:

-It is very fast to apply and it immediately moisturizes dry skin.

-It is 100% organic.

-It’s reasonably priced at $16 for a 4oz jar.

What I disliked:

I loved that the oil was so moisturizing.  However, I have very dry skin.  It may not work as well on those with oily skin.

Will I Re-Purchase It?

Yes. …. I will give it 4/5 …. This product is great at moisturizing extremely dry skin.