24 Day Challenge

Trying to Lose Weight With No Success? Order Your Challenge Today!

NEED TO BREAK THROUGH A PLATEAU, OR JUST SHEER JUMPSTART YOUR FAT LOSS AND SLUGGISH METABOLISM? With your busy schedule,you need quality and results in less time…ADVOCARE is the best we have found in the industry, transforming our Bodies and our clients!

​TAKE THE 24 day Challenge…. 10-24lbs lost on Average for Team Across the country in 24 days…. See directions below on how challenge works with our teams!


We Guide you through the ENTIRE 24 day challenge. When you buy the challenge kit online, we email you a FREE CLEAN EATING PLAN as well as training suggestions (cardio and strength) for optimal results.

This is NOT a quick fix rather a JUMPSTART to a post partum sluggish metabolism, a breakthrough, jumpstart fat loss, and get you on your way to your weight loss goals by eating properly and adding in proper supplements that will expedite your results! You will learn a lifestyle of changes in these 24 days with us!

Before and Afters

Challenge1 challenge2 challenge4 challenge5

So What Are You Waiting For? Order Your Challenge Today!

Steps for you:  (if you want the nursing approved challenge us, email us)!

1. Click the “Order Your Challenge Today Link” to order your kit: GET 24 day Challenge Kit.  Just purchase your kit (comes with all the products) , $190 online and you get a FREE CLEAN EATING PLAN AND TRAINING FOR THE 24 days, along with personal 1v1 coaching from April King, NuFit Chick Founder!

2. Email me (april@nufitstudio.com)  the date you want to start your 24 day challenge, we always start clients on a Monday! We will then correspond with you and get you all set up, email you your clean eating plan to follow and cardio/training suggestions for the 24 days! You will ALSO get a 24 day recipe book for busy  Women and Moms! We send you several coaching emails throughout the 24 days so you kow exactly what to do and eat!

Already Super Fit? Become a Team Builder

Interested in helping others get fit? Looking to be a Stay at Home Mom? Or just want a discount on product to continue your success? Become a distributor of Product Line! Contact me at april@nufitstudio.com


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