Calculate Your Macronutrients

Whether your goal is to maintain, gain muscle or lose fat, your diet plays a huge role. In order for your diet to work in your favor, you need to know the amount and ratio of macro-nutrients (Macros) to consume on a daily basis. There are three major macros that your body needs to functions.  These are: Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat.

Carbohydrates (Carbs)

While you can utilize If It Fits Your Macros, it is most beneficial to consume clean foods. The following carbs are ones I stick to while training for fat loss.

  • Blueberries
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Rice Cakes
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Cream of Rice


Consuming lean protein will help you work towards any goal. I typically stick to the following lean proteins.

  • Organic Egg Whites
  • 96/4 Ground Beef
  • Organic Chicken Breast
  • 99/1 Ground Turkey Breast
  • White Fish (Cod, Tilapia, Halibut)


While it may sound counter intuitive to eat fat while trying to burn fat, this is not the case.  You actually need to consume fat.  However, you will see the most benefits if you consume health fats. Some of the fats I eat are:

  • Avocado
  • Almonds
  • Coconut Oil
  • Whole Organic Eggs


This is where you Macros come into play.  Basically by using the calculator below you can determine what your portion of Protein, Carbs and Fat should be each day. What you do then is divide those portion into meals. Typically these portions are referred to in grams.

I typically consume 5- 6 meals a day. So, I would divide the overall portions by 6 and each meal would consist of that amount of grams.  I do not count calories only my macros. It ends up being the same thing in the end.

Calculate your Macros

Keeping Track

So, now you know your macros and they type of foods for each macro that you should be eating. It is very important that you stick to these numbers or your will not see the results you expected. In order to stick your plan there are really two methods that work the best (for me anyway).

  1. Use the app MyFitnessPal to enter your food and keep you on track
  2. Prepare all weekly meals  and consume only those meals.

Home Workouts

If you have little equipment and would like to do some High Intensity workouts at home, check out my FREE HIIT workouts.

I hope you all found this information to be helpful and if you want to contact me use the contact form!

Fat Burning 30 Minute HIIT Workout

ChainChest/Triceps: 3 sets of 10 reps for the first workout, 3 sets of 16 reps for the second workout

(1) Bench press
(2) Overhead cable extension
(1) Dips (weighted if possible)
(2) Push up
(1) Single arm incline dumbbell press
(2) Leg lift
(1) Reverse single arm cable extension
(2) Decline sit up

Back/Bicep: 3 sets of 10 reps for the first workout, 3 sets of 16 reps for the second workout

(1) Pull up (add weight if too easy)
(2) Standing cable curl
(1) Seated incline dumbbell curl
(2) Seated cable row
(1) Dumbbell bend over row
(2) Touch toe crunch
(1) Dumbbell curl
(2) Knee tuck crunches

Legs/Shoulders: 3 sets of 10 reps for the first workout, 3 sets of 16 reps for the second workout

(1) Squat
(2) Lateral raises
(1) Shoulder press
(2) Side lunges: each leg
(1) Lunges with dumbbells: each leg
(2) Plank: hold for as long as possible
(1) Deltoid raise
(2) Russian twist abs

The 7 Minute Workout

Are you super short on time but still need to get your workout in? Try this 7 minute HIIT workout. Do each exercise at high intensity for 30 seconds followed by a 10 second rest. Repeat the entire circuit up to 3 x. I use the Gymboss Interval Timer App.  If you have an I-Phone you can download it from the app store. So, no excuses ladies, HIIT IT!