Lose Fat In 5 Easy Steps

HI! I am April King, I have tried many different diets and workouts and I can tell you that following a diet/routine you are unable to see yourself sustaining long term will never work!! It was not until I applied these 5 easy steps in 2015 that I could maintain keeping the fat off after having my daughter.

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  1. Work Out Fasted in the Morning

This is key for two reasons, the first being that many of us lack motivation at the end of the day.  Once you are done with work you often just want to go home and relax. So, getting is done first thing ensures you will get your workout in.

Second, you should train fasted. By that I mean do not eat before you workout. I train fasted using BCAAs in the morning. Fasted training boosts the physiological indicators of post-workout muscle growth. Both fasting and HIIT training significantly increase human growth hormone secretion, which is great because that is used for fat burning. Sign up for my free home HIIT workouts!


2. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause the fat burning human growth hormone secretion to decrease. When this happens your chances of weight gain can increase. If you get 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night your pituitary gland releases the hormone about 4 times. So if you  get less sleep, then you will release less of the fat burning hormone.

3. Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting is also referred to as “If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM). The IIFYM approach to diet allows for greater flexibility with your food selection because your focus is on the nutrients rather than the food source.

I can tell you from my own experience that it is difficult for most people to follow a strict meal plan.  However, with flexible dieting, you can select your own food and add in treats and still meet your goal. This is why I follow my Flexible Dieting Program.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can just eat doughnuts all day. I try to make sure at least 80% of my foods are nutrient dense. However, you can have treats in moderation rather than eating chicken breast and broccoli all day:-)

Here is a great example of how flexible dieting works in your treat meals. If you want to eat a burger and it has 25g of protein, 30g carbs and 10g of fat versus a salad with 25g of protein, 30g carbs and 10g , you can chose the burger as long as that fits your macros!! Make sense?


4. Lift Weights

Lifting heavy weights allows you to build muscle and muscle burns fat. Also, having more muscle allows your body to burn more calories doing nothing.  Where cardio for example, burns calories only while you are doing the exercise.

5. Eat a High Protein Diet

I like to eat a high protein diet because it keeps me full longer and it also helps me to build new muscle. I weight 150 pounds so I eat 150g of protein a day. I get creative with my protein!

Power Eggs Recipe


If you want to transform your body, is Flexible Dieting the only way? No but in my opinion is one of the most effective and sustainable approaches.

To summarize the key points: if you want to lose fat, a combination of diet, weight lifting and some additional cardio (HIIT) is essential.

So if this sounds good to you and you’re serious about change, then you will really enjoy the program I created called the 7 Day KickStart to Flexible Dieting Program. It’s a short 7 Day Course with videos where I  will teach you how to lose fat (and keep it off) without feeling hungry and deprived.


Losing the Baby Weight: 4 Months Postpartum

For most women its not being pregnant that causes stress in terms of weight gain. Rather, its once you come home with the baby and your once large and firm belly has turned into unsightly excess fat and skin.  In fact, I had many people tell me that I would never get my pre-baby body back. However, for me this was nothing more than encouragement!!

So, from day one while I was unable to exercise I was determined to make some progress on my weight-loss. I decided to start with my nutrition. While I could not lower my calorie intake because of breastfeeding, I could eat clean and supplement. That is exactly what I did using the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. One month postpartum, I had gone from 192 pounds to 166.5 (Pictures Below)

It was at this time that my doctor cleared me for light exercise. I decided to continue my Advocare supplements (spark, omegas & catalyst) and incorporate walking into my routine. So, each day I began to walk 1 to 3 miles around the neighborhood with the baby. After another month I was down to 160.5. Please with my progress and feeling like I had regained my strength, I decided to add weight training to my routine. For the next month I worked my way from body weight to light weights a few days a week. I managed to lose an additional 5 pounds and my body began to feel more firm.

My fourth month I really pushed my self. I was finally back to my normal amount of weights in the gym and even added light cardio. At this point I was lifting 5 days a week, eating clean taking my supplements (spark, omega 3s, catalyst and muscle gain whey protein). At the end of month 4 I have lost a total of 42 pounds. My weight is 5 pounds lower than pre-pregnancy. The entire time I continued to breastfeed as my milk supply was not impacted by my weight-loss.


I now weigh 150 pounds. Below are my photos from 12/11/14. So, if you are a mother and are interesting in getting your pre-baby body back or better, get started with the 24 Day Challenge! If you need additional guidance on workouts or meal planning contact me. I have heard every excuse you can think of. However, even if you dont have access to a gym, you can achieve your goal. I am have a full time job and I am a new mother. So, if I can find the time to eat right and workout you can too!!

resize-bikini-handsup resize-overhead resize-pink-sportsbra

There is no time like the present!!!!!!!!!

Pre Baby Weight:155
Pregnancy Weight: 192
1 Month PostPartum: 166.5
2 Months PostPartum: 160.5
3 Months PostPartum: 155.5
4 Months PostPartum: 150
Total Weightloss: 42 Pounds

My Advocare Site
The 24 Day Challenge

Week 5 Competition Prep (10 Weeks Postpartum)

So week five is complete. I continue to make progress each week. See highlights from this week below!

I am getting plenty of sleep thanks to the baby’s new Magic Sleep Suit!! So, I have plenty of energy.  I still drink my Spark pre-workout however since my lifting plan has gotten more challenging!

I am lifting 5 days a week.  Honestly sometimes for more than an hour at this point.  Adding drop sets has increased the time it takes me to finish. It also makes the workout BRUTAL. As for cardio I am doing two HIIT workouts (20 minutes each) and two steady state sessions for 40 minutes.

I am doing pretty well now.  I feel like my soreness is normal. Not like in the beginning where I couldn’t walk down the stairs:-)


I am still taking the following products which are breastfeeding safe and seem to be really helping with the weight-loss, energy and soreness.

-OmegaPlex (Omega 3’s)
-Catalyst (Amino Acids)
-Coreplex (Multi Vitamin)
-Spark (B-12 Energy Drink)

Interested in Breastfeeding safe supplements? Checkout my 24 Day Challenge Breastfeeding bundle.


I attribute my good milk supply to slowly losing weight (about 2 pounds a week) and feeding regularly. SO, far this has worked really well for me.

This week I lost another 2 pounds (ONLY 3 MORE POUNDS OF FAT TO GO for PRE-BABY Weight).  Thats a total of 34 pounds lost!! Once I reach my stage weight goal (150) I will share my progress photos from beginning to end!! Watch out for future posts! Only 7 weeks of prep left:-)

Losing the Baby Weight While Breastfeeding – 1 Month Post Partum

Before pregnancy as most of your know I was actively competing in NPC Bikini competitions. Over a 17 week period I transformed my body into that of a national competitor. See my transformation stage pics below.



I get this question a lot and of course no one likes the answer. Its not magic. Clean eating, regular workouts and supplementation. There is a science to making your body into a machine! That being said ANYONE CAN DO IT. Anyone that can stick to a plan that is:-) For more information on my daily workouts see my bodybuilding.com article.


It was a couple of weeks after nationals that I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were thrilled. However, once the initial excitement
wore off, I thought to myself how am I going to stay in shape during my pregnancy? Well, it was a challenge. I gradually had to cut back on my
lifting. However I was able to continue my advocare supplements and TRX workouts throughout my pregnancy.

I attribute my Spark and TRX workouts to allowing me to have enough energy to teach TRX even at 9 months pregnant!! In addition, I did my best
to eat clean and avoid excessive weight gain. However, my baby was two weeks late. So, what does that mean? She weighed in at 9 pounds. Yes,
that is not a typo. lol

Anyway, what that mean for me was more weight gain than I had hoped. In the end I put on 37 pounds. Checkout my pre-pregnancy to 9 months
preggers transformation photos below.



After gaining 37 pounds and weighing in at a enormous 192, I am determined to drop the weight. I am currently one month post pregnancy and have
dropped 29 pounds now weighing in at 163.

image (15)

I still have 8 pounds of fat to lose and I am working everyday to accomplish this. I plan to drop the remaining 8 pounds over the next 8 weeks and here is how..

How am I do I plan to acheive these results? I am glad you asked. Ready for the answer?

Clean eating, regular workouts and supplementation. LOL No one likes that answer. Let me elaborate. I am following the 24_day_challenge_for_nursing_and_pregnant_moms. This includes all of your meals and supplement plans. In addition, I am working out for 1 hour 5 days a week.

It’s not an easy journey. But ANYONE CAN DO IT. Are you a Mom looking to drop the extra pounds? Contact me or purchase the 24 Day
Breastfeeding Mom Challenge and get started today!!