Losing the Baby Weight: 4 Months Postpartum

For most women its not being pregnant that causes stress in terms of weight gain. Rather, its once you come home with the baby and your once large and firm belly has turned into unsightly excess fat and skin.  In fact, I had many people tell me that I would never get my pre-baby body back. However, for me this was nothing more than encouragement!!

So, from day one while I was unable to exercise I was determined to make some progress on my weight-loss. I decided to start with my nutrition. While I could not lower my calorie intake because of breastfeeding, I could eat clean and supplement. That is exactly what I did using the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. One month postpartum, I had gone from 192 pounds to 166.5 (Pictures Below)

It was at this time that my doctor cleared me for light exercise. I decided to continue my Advocare supplements (spark, omegas & catalyst) and incorporate walking into my routine. So, each day I began to walk 1 to 3 miles around the neighborhood with the baby. After another month I was down to 160.5. Please with my progress and feeling like I had regained my strength, I decided to add weight training to my routine. For the next month I worked my way from body weight to light weights a few days a week. I managed to lose an additional 5 pounds and my body began to feel more firm.

My fourth month I really pushed my self. I was finally back to my normal amount of weights in the gym and even added light cardio. At this point I was lifting 5 days a week, eating clean taking my supplements (spark, omega 3s, catalyst and muscle gain whey protein). At the end of month 4 I have lost a total of 42 pounds. My weight is 5 pounds lower than pre-pregnancy. The entire time I continued to breastfeed as my milk supply was not impacted by my weight-loss.


I now weigh 150 pounds. Below are my photos from 12/11/14. So, if you are a mother and are interesting in getting your pre-baby body back or better, get started with the 24 Day Challenge! If you need additional guidance on workouts or meal planning contact me. I have heard every excuse you can think of. However, even if you dont have access to a gym, you can achieve your goal. I am have a full time job and I am a new mother. So, if I can find the time to eat right and workout you can too!!

resize-bikini-handsup resize-overhead resize-pink-sportsbra

There is no time like the present!!!!!!!!!

Pre Baby Weight:155
Pregnancy Weight: 192
1 Month PostPartum: 166.5
2 Months PostPartum: 160.5
3 Months PostPartum: 155.5
4 Months PostPartum: 150
Total Weightloss: 42 Pounds

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The 24 Day Challenge

WEEK 1: Bikini Competition Prep (6 Weeks Postpartum)

So week one of new weight training and cleaning eating program is complete. Its amazing how much harder is it for me to lift weights! In any case I am determined so I will continue to eat clean and workout each and everyday. I have highlighted details on my supplements, energy level, soreness and results below. Look for my updates each week for the next 11 weeks!

It’s essential to prepare your food ahead of time and package your meals to be successful. So, I spent Sunday cooking food and filling up my 6 pack containers. Four out of my 6 meals consist of Chicken Breast, Spinach and Brown Rice. For meal one I spice it up with oatmeal and egg whites. Sometimes I add cinnamon and stevia to the oatmeal for a sweet treat. My post workout meal is a Chocolate Muscle Gain shake with a whole banana. Nom Nom Nom

image (18) image (19)

Well breastfeeding a cutie pie infant every two hours in addition to working out does often require me to nap! However, I typically start off each day fairly energetic after drinking my Mango Strawberry Spark. So, I am able to tend to the baby and get my workouts in without any problem. Fingers crossed I can maintain this energy level for the next 11 weeks.

I am lifting for atleast one hour 5 days a week. Each day is dedicated to two different body parts. I also do cardio following each lift. It’s pretty challenging. But I love being in the gym!

AHHHHH So this is my biggest problem after week one. I would normally take a post workout recovery drink to help with the soreness. However, I am not able to take that while breastfeeding. So, I am limited to hot epson salt baths 🙁 They do help a little. However, all of my muscles are incredibly sore.

This week I lost another 2 pounds (ONLY 6 MORE POUNDS OF FAT TO GO) and I have noticed my muscle memory kicking in. Also, I feel like my belly has flattened out a lot more. So I am super excited about my progress and excited for the weeks to come. Interested in Breastfeeding safe supplements? Checkout my 24 Day Challenge Breastfeeding bundle.