Losing the Baby Weight While Breastfeeding – 1 Month Post Partum

Before pregnancy as most of your know I was actively competing in NPC Bikini competitions. Over a 17 week period I transformed my body into that of a national competitor. See my transformation stage pics below.



I get this question a lot and of course no one likes the answer. Its not magic. Clean eating, regular workouts and supplementation. There is a science to making your body into a machine! That being said ANYONE CAN DO IT. Anyone that can stick to a plan that is:-) For more information on my daily workouts see my bodybuilding.com article.


It was a couple of weeks after nationals that I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were thrilled. However, once the initial excitement
wore off, I thought to myself how am I going to stay in shape during my pregnancy? Well, it was a challenge. I gradually had to cut back on my
lifting. However I was able to continue my advocare supplements and TRX workouts throughout my pregnancy.

I attribute my Spark and TRX workouts to allowing me to have enough energy to teach TRX even at 9 months pregnant!! In addition, I did my best
to eat clean and avoid excessive weight gain. However, my baby was two weeks late. So, what does that mean? She weighed in at 9 pounds. Yes,
that is not a typo. lol

Anyway, what that mean for me was more weight gain than I had hoped. In the end I put on 37 pounds. Checkout my pre-pregnancy to 9 months
preggers transformation photos below.



After gaining 37 pounds and weighing in at a enormous 192, I am determined to drop the weight. I am currently one month post pregnancy and have
dropped 29 pounds now weighing in at 163.

image (15)

I still have 8 pounds of fat to lose and I am working everyday to accomplish this. I plan to drop the remaining 8 pounds over the next 8 weeks and here is how..

How am I do I plan to acheive these results? I am glad you asked. Ready for the answer?

Clean eating, regular workouts and supplementation. LOL No one likes that answer. Let me elaborate. I am following the 24_day_challenge_for_nursing_and_pregnant_moms. This includes all of your meals and supplement plans. In addition, I am working out for 1 hour 5 days a week.

It’s not an easy journey. But ANYONE CAN DO IT. Are you a Mom looking to drop the extra pounds? Contact me or purchase the 24 Day
Breastfeeding Mom Challenge and get started today!!


37 Weeks Pregnant Update

photo  Baby Matilyn is just about 37 weeks and is the size of a winter melon! Pretty sure I have never eaten one of those but it sounds interesting:-)

Here is what Matilyn has been up to this past week:

                • Measures about 20 inches
                • Weighs about 6 pounds
                • Gaining a 1/2 ounce each day

Here is whats been happening with me this past week.

                • Maternity Clothes – I have a two pairs of maternity pants and one dress.  Otherwise I am wearing my workout gear and dresses that stretch.
                • Weight Gain – I have gained 30 pounds so far OMG!
                • Stretch Marks – None so far.  Just a few spider veins.
                • Symptoms – My right hand keeps going numb which I am told is due to all of the extra blood. Can’t wait for that to go away.
                • Sleep – I use my body pillow by boppy and I sleep all night n problems.
                • Food Cravings – Fruit! I can not get enough fruit!!
                • Belly Button – Still in!
                • Workouts – I am still doing 2 to 3 TRX workouts a week.
                • Movement – All the time.  It looks like a alien is trying to escape:-)
                • Mood – Happy.
                • New Baby Items – This week some of our clients gave me onesies and bath gear.  Super cute! I also bought a mattress pad and risers for the arms reach co-sleeper.

Only a few weeks left!!