Dining & Restaurants

Best Breakfast Spots:
1. Hot Stacks Pancake House: A family-friendly eatery with a variety of pancake flavors, as well as other breakfast classics.

2. Blueberry Grill: Catering to the most discriminating foodies, the unique menu will have your mouth watering before you take your first bite.

Best Pizza Spot:

  1. Basils Pizza: Grab a slice or order a full pizza with various toppings and crust options, perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.

Fine Dining:

  1. 21 Main at North Beach: Enjoy upscale dining with oceanfront views, featuring a diverse menu of steak, seafood, and creative cocktails.
  2. SeaBlue: Delicious American Cuisine with French roots. Amazing food and wine.

Coffee Shops:

  1. Cafe de Paris: Enjoy French-inspired pastries, crepes, and coffee in a charming café setting.
  2. Benny Rappa’s Trattoria: An Italian café offering paninis, salads, and espresso beverages perfect for a casual lunch.

Dessert and Treats:

  1. Sugar Life Candy: Amazing ice cream and tons of kids candy and toys.
  2. The Dairy Hut: Located in cherry grove. This hut has the best banana splits and chocolate covered ice cream.
  3. Melt: Main streets favorite ice cream. Be prepared to stand in line in the summer.